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Poems & Prayers & Promises

Apr. 16th, 2008

10:40 am - 50 ways .....

... not in this case to leave your lover, but to avoid writing thank you letters. These so far have included:

Put the washing machine on, Yvonne

Go to Tesco’s, Rose

Updating facebook, Chuck

Try & unpack, Zack

Have your Mum round for food, Dude

Invite a friend to stay, Ray

Take out the bin, Lynne

… and now updating here – oh dear.

Well I have been absent since December. Those who I know read here will already know that since then my life has revolved around the wedding and it’s various disasters. Ofcourse the day was wonderful – just far too short, the honeymoon was amazing, and I now am blissfully married. There were moments when I doubted it would happen, but it did, thank God. Anyway – more updates to follow no doubt, but I must go and stare at a blank page again for half an hour before finding some other ‘urgent’ task.

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Nov. 13th, 2007

06:36 pm - It's begining to look a lot like Christmas

I noticed on the way home tonight that the big wheel once again is gracing Edinburgh's Princes Street. It is less than half a dozen years that they have been putting it there, but it has become a fixture regardless. The herald of Christmas, the first real sign that it really really is on it's way (not like the shops filling with Christmas paraphernalia as we all know that happens in July these days).

I haven’t been very Christmassy so far. This statement from me ranks on the scale similar to an archbishop saying he doesn’t feel very religious this year. What with being ill and evil doctors, then being so busy trying to catch up on everything, plus the wedding is just so consuming right now…

We are in the midst’s of getting together the invite list – which is a horrible thing. You would think it would be fun, but not only do we have to deal with emotional blackmail from the family (oh, did I include 20 over the maximum number of invites for our side? Don’t suppose you could squeeze them in?), but then you get the enormous fun of grading your friends – not a pleasant experience. Having got through that we are now attempting to pull together addresses for all – what with texts and emails, it is surprising how many friends addresses we just don’t have. But even better the family lists where in some cases we don’t even know their names. Ah well, it’s all part of the fun eh?

Still, having played with the website yesterday I found a bit of the fun of the wedding planning again. And now having caught sight of the wheel, I am beginning to feel ever so slightly in the mood for gingerbread.

Perhaps I shall have a dig around for the Christmas CDs after dinner…

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Nov. 12th, 2007

07:07 pm - Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Well I'm back to fully functioning - it took a while, but it's gone now la la la la. Very busy, but on good form.

All I really wanted to say is that I have an overiding desire to spend all my money and acrue serious amounts of debt at M&S. I pride myself on not falling for the advertisers trickery, but even I have a price. *swoon*

Oct. 5th, 2007

10:41 am - Sick & Tired

I have concluded that God or nature or at the very least doctors hate women.

Having put up with a minor ailment for the majority of my life, accepted it as just one of those things and in fact barely noticing it anymore (apart from occasional flare ups), I foolishly agreed – if only to prevent my mother & best friend nagging periodically – to raise it with the doctor on my next visit. Now mostly I am in good health, so it took a while, then the doctor wanted my to keep a diary of the symptoms, then there were tests…. anyway after a good long while, my doctor admitted she couldn’t find anything wrong. Great I said, so I don’t have to worry I said, well I didn’t say that she said….

Next stop the specialist. Now the specialist definitely hates me, and he has a supporting cast of people who assist him in finding ways to torture me in the name of science and investigation, who between them prescribe me a course of tablets. Now I don’t know if any of you guys have taken serious hormones before, but let me tell you it isn’t fun – among the people it isn’t fun for are dear lovely H2B, who has been putting up with me being a serious basket case. Mean while I have been getting progressively more sleepy, painful, and lethargic – enough to effect my work and life in general. But the tablets stopped on Monday – so at least that’s over with, right? Wrong.

3 days after the tablets finished and still incapable of work I have now seen my GP and spoken to one of the specialists minions. Their conclusion? “Oh dear. Never mind. Call me in a week if you still have problems.”

Now I know that medicine isn’t the accurate science society kids itself it is, I recognise that as a complex organism, the route of an effect can in fact be something seemingly unrelated and hidden, and that equally if you deliberately cause an effect it can have interesting and surprising results elsewhere. I am aware that we are perfectly capable of having a number of conditions at once and that this can confuse results and requires holistic approaches and thinking. I also understand that each one of us is different and therefore even the most reliable of treatment / diagnosis scenarios will fail for someone out there. I appreciate that when you add all this up, it means that medicine can be less of a science and more of a gambling system relying on educated guess work. I just hate it when it does all of this to me.

Still, at least I have an official doctors note saying I can’t come to work because I’m tired. Oh boy.

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Sep. 27th, 2007

09:51 pm - I’m spinning around

Well we knew we were going to have a mad summer – but really!

All of the five weddings we were invited to this year have now successfully happened. Wouldn’t have missed any of them for the world. The last one was actually a reception (the wedding having been a very small affair a week previous) and was just fabulous. The dress code was formal from the era of your choosing – and everyone made such an effort. We turned in to a mutual appreciation society for the first half. The food & venue were fabulous, the entertainment was the guests (and some of them even intended to be). I was only sorry it was so short (still no excuse for staying up til 5am – but hey, gotta try and show the young folk how it’s done). You never get enough time with people at these things do you – especially the bride & groom, but then everyone wants a bit of them at a wedding so par for the course I’m afraid.

The wedding before that (but since my last post) was another mad dash across the country – but it was also brilliant. So different – they did the legal thing in a registry office then had a pagan ceremony and reception that felt all the world like a country fete. They even had morris dancers! Friends are in a troupe. I know morris dancers!!!! As an Englishman in Scotland, you have no idea how happy that makes me! It was a fab do – less people we knew, but that meant we got to spend time with the folk we do – which is always nice.

What else? Events – the big one. Well I started my new sensible character. First half of the event was tricky. Small clan and the other two had loads on this event - I was pre warned so expected it but it still makes for a slow start. So does playing a quieter, more sensible character, but worth it for the revelations – the number of characters I have known for years, but saw an entirely different, unsuspected side of this event. Anyway, any of the fame / notoriety I may have missed was handed out in bucket loads when I did some fun magic on the third day – much assisted by many others, but got my powerful magician thing going on now – so happy. Next event I am monstering with H2B and after the little bits and bobs I have gleaned so far – its going to be soooooooooo good.

Work is going well at the moment, the doctor is being a pain, H2B and my Dad are becoming DIY chums (I keep reminding him he is just looking after his investment), we went on the holiday from hell (in-laws. Enough said), and if I don’t pick a wedding dress soon I think the female half of the wedding party, especially Mum, might just explode.

That’s all I think. Hopefully life is about to get a bit more sensible, so I shall write more. Perhaps not.

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Jul. 30th, 2007

07:13 pm - Abracadabra

I have been bad.
Where I should have been doing many things, perhaps a new blog entry, perhaps housework, perhaps a number of other things, I have been reading Harry Potter. Yes, I realise in doing this I am following the heard and no doubt becoming a tiresome statistic on the number of bloggers who commented on the Deathly Hallows within a month of its release, but I don’t care. I'm even sadder than that - on realising I was going to be away the weekend of the release, I pre ordered my copy in Bristol, leapt off the plane, checked in to my hotel at midnight, then pounded down the road to join the queue. Oh dear.
And I have now finished it - and it rocked (sorry Debbie). I wish I could say more, but I really don’t want to ruin it for any of you that are intending to but have not yet read it. Those criticisms that I have heard and agreed with are few, but I think the majority can be forgiven as it is, ultimately, a children's book, however dark the subject matter. It is a ripping yarn and even the last of the caricature characters were rounded out by the end. Accepting that there can never be enough details for some, I think she tied up all the loose ends, and I have no desire to take up residence outside her house and shout abuse, which I may have done if certain clichés had come to pass.
So with reality being quite horribly real at the moment (mostly to other people, but other people I care about and want to support), I have been quite happy to take a lovely week long trip into a shred fantasy.

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Jul. 5th, 2007

07:13 pm - Passing through

Has it really been two months? I am bad. My main excuse is that work has been picking up, starting to get interesting and therefore I’m busier – and more inclined to work in the first place. But that’s not all. Home has been busy too. We have not had a full weekend to ourselves, with birthdays, events, other people’s weddings and the like. Mean while of course we have been continuing on the path to our own wedding – probably slower than we should, but hey.

The wedding was a Larp friend’s, in a wood in Wales – and it was great fun. We scared some of his relatives silly – but most were really up for it, dressed up and queued to shoot bows and arrows or be hit by us. They had stuck to traditions where they wanted and ditched the things that weren’t important to them and it worked really well. I enjoyed the fact that so many stayed on site, so we got to party til the wee hours than get up and chill together the next day. Of course H2B then had to drive all the way home. Oh well – cant have everything.

At the May event, my LARP character died. She was my first one and I have been playing her for nearly six years. I knew I would be gutted when she went, and indeed I was. She committed suicide, so it kind of was my own decision, but it was in response to the one thing she had been designed to never be able to cope with occurring, so to carry on playing afterwards would not have been her. It’s a very strange thing when it happens, more like splitting up from a relationship than someone dieing, as you know no one has actually gone, but you had built up a relationship with this character and it suddenly stops. I was prepared for that bit. The bit I wasn’t prepared for was when you have picked yourself up, dusted yourself down, been to games control for a new character and walk back in to camp, still reeling, but determined to carry on – all your friends ignore you. Of course they do – you are a new character they have never met, but it’s awful, the game is over for your character and it feels like no one cares.
But my friends were lovely and did care really. I got lots of hugs and played something very annoying and frivolous before they proceeded to fight over which clan I joined next. I’m still a little sad about her going, but no worse than if your favorite program had shown it’s last ever episode – it’s fine, but it was harder than I expected at the time.

Since then H2B used the opportunity of me being in between characters so to speak to come to his first event as a character. Given this is my obsession and accounts for a good portion of my leave time, I was more than a little nervous that I was about to have to choose between a life of not having the same holidays as the rest of my family or giving up my social life. Luckily for me he loved it. He is currently working out if he can go to the next one! Hurrah!

Lots of other bits & bobs have occurred, but nothing really important – apart from wedding planning. To see how well we are doing, look at the next post (locked to friends only for obvious reasons).

TTFN and I shall try to keep better correspondence …

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May. 1st, 2007

10:46 pm - Miss you nights

So the mad Dutch dash went in most part really well.

The flights were relatively timeous (I will spare you the raising expectations by telling us we were going to be early and then stacking for 15 mins rant. I’m over it now. Nearly.), safe and painless. Easyjet has now got it’s own area of Schipol set aside for the dregs of society, right behind airlines you have never heard of and even when looking at their name couldn’t accurately pronounce, with their departure gates a good 20 miles from the baggage hall – but that’s another issue.

Holland was hot. I don’t mean unseasonably warm like it has been here, but shorts and a t-shirt, don’t go out at midday, ice-cream is your friend, sitting around on the balcony at midnight hot. Possibly not the most contusive weather for shifting & lifting – but it could have been worse.

The house is now empty, not cleaned, but empty at least. Hopefully they were able to finish it off yesterday – certainly it could have been acceptable to most landlords, though maybe not this exceptionally proud of my brand new flat that I haven’t managed to live in yet one. We shall see.

But I did get to see the little ones. I miss them so much – and I miss so much of them. L is so chatty and lovely, and remembers me. We chatted about all the important things, Thomas the tank engine, Bill the Builder (not Bob, never Bob), and his brother. His brother is just a little bit too small to have remembered me, but that didn’t bother him overly and we soon got communicating. They are the most adorable things and I didn’t get nearly enough time with them.

I also got to spend lots of time with Goat. I cannot tell you how much I miss my friend. We hardly ever get time to chat in person – we only ever meet on occasions or when something needs doing. At least this time there was plenty time for stupid conversations and silliness – that’s what really suffers when every moment of conversation is rare. I wish they’d move home. But that’s life for you eh?

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Apr. 25th, 2007

10:15 pm - Busy Buzzy Bumble Bee

I’m sooooooo busy!

Last weekend I went to see friends I haven’t in a while, which was fun and kept me entertained whilst H2B was on a stag do. This coming weekend I’m in Holland to assist Goat in the movement of her worldly shackles. The weekend after that, we are going to the wedding to which the stag do is connected, and the weekend after _that_ we have another wedding, this time in Wales. Meanwhile H2B has started doing voluntary work, so our evenings get fewer and fewer. And at some point we have to organise a wedding ourselves…

We sat down and worked through the outline plan, so it is beginning to take shape – but that also just highlighted how much there is to do. You read the books and magazines (and yes I know they are designed to scare you into spending more money – they are good at it too!) and see what you are supposed to have done by 9 months – which is only four weeks away. I’m starting to get scared!

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Apr. 17th, 2007

10:09 pm - Beauty & the Beast

The problem we now have of course is that because I can’t access my blog from work, I write these entries and then take a while to post them, so in writing this I am aware that there are other posts that haven’t quite made it on yet either. Still I’ll see if I can change the date and then we can all pretend can’t we?

So – “My Weeks Holiday That Wasn’t” and “My Sister’s Wedding & Other Blood Sports”...

It started off with me and H2B deciding that it would be nice to spend a week on holiday before the wedding to relax and avoid the histrionics; we thought we might get a little self catering place. Then the new brother in law’s family said they were taking a house all together, so my Mum wanted to jump on the bandwagon. This rapidly snowballed and resulted in me finding property that would take me & H2B, my parents, my sister and MoH, my Granddad, and all my aunts, uncles, cousins and cousins kids from both sides. Now don’t get me wrong – I love my family and as they live all over the place, it was lovely to see them. In normal circumstances it would have been delightful – and it was great – but it did kind of miss the point of a romantic retreat from the hullabaloo to take it with us. Never mind.

In my experience there are two kinds of families when taken in the larger context. The kind that argue and shout and laugh and cry and make a lot of fuss and drama, and those that politely hope each other goes away until they do. Mine, particularly my mothers side, is definitely in the former camp. It started with Mum agreeing to the clear instruction to tell everyone they wouldn’t be able to get in to the cottages until an hour after I could pick the keys up to give us time to do so, then completely ignoring me and telling them to be there at the same time, and it went on from there. You don’t need to know the ins and outs of the internal politics, but I think the same number of people are no longer speaking to each other now equals those whop weren’t before they arrived – but they have all changed round.

But there were some lovely bits. H2B & I took my Dad and an Uncle power kiting which was very amusing and thoroughly exhausting but in a good way. I got to meet my cousins new daughter and she is beautiful. We had a lovely barbeque which everyone had fun contributing to. We got to see my Mum and her siblings silly drunk – which hardly ever happens and is desperately entertaining. I’m still speaking to everyone and they are all still speaking to me – hurrah!

We took four adjacent farm cottages on their own in the country with a shared back garden and play area. And they were lovely – well situated and equipped, clean and comfortable. And the weather was glorious – it has been though hasn’t it? You really really wouldn’t have thought it was April. There was lots of outdoorsy things to do – golf, games, walks, kiting, weapons practicing, lots of fun. I only have myself to blame about the trampoline related muscle strain. But I did get time to bake two cakes! I miss having time for that.

The morning of the wedding was marred only by my mother who by that point had snapped with the strain of it all and had started to think it was all about her. I hope we managed to keep the really naughty stuff hidden from the blushing bride who was on top form that day, but I suppose there was no need to have a tantrum, already being the centre of attention. And she did look stunning. In fact all of us scrubbed up well. The flowers were lovely, the cars were fabulous, the church was something else and had such a friendly minister and accomplished organist. The wine was plentiful, the speeches made me cry, the food was unbelievable – especially for the numbers. It was a truly spectacular day.

So now I suppose we had better start planning ours for real eh?

Apr. 16th, 2007

09:44 pm - Beautiful girl

Things I have learnt during this week away:

Polished wooden floors and tights are good fun provided you can trust your dance partner to catch you.

Money may not buy happiness, but it certainly buys good service.

Enthusiastic ceilidh dancing is only a humorous sport if you are the one doing the humorous throwing about, not the one being thrown.

Drunken uncles still dance better than nervous young men who never learnt much more than the two step.

If you are the sort of person who cries at Eastenders, you should probably wear waterproof mascara to your own sister's wedding.

More on this to follow. But it was absolutely beautiful

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Mar. 30th, 2007

02:52 pm - I read the news today, oh boy.

The BBC news website is a funny old place. I mean you know what to expect from the straight news, but the local stuff, the opinions pieces and the magazine can catch you unawares at times. I read this piece today about the phenomenon of word of mouth advertising, apparently much used in America and now starting over here. What they do is the agency recruits volunteers, sends them free stuff to try out and asks them to share their thoughts with their friends – good or bad. Now the article was written as if this were a very bad thing, as if the advertisers had finally invaded the last bastion – the private conversation, and I could see there point if people were being paid to slip an advert in there, but I talk about stuff all the time. We compare phones, washing powders, uses for mayonnaise... so why would it be different if I was mentioning stuff I’d been sent for free as part of a promotion?

So needless to say I signed up. Here’s a link if you fancy it too.
www.bzzagent.co.uk/go/uk/welcome_tellafriend_uk.jsp .
I wonder if the reporter has also got an account…

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Mar. 27th, 2007

09:06 pm - Surprise Surprise

And then sometimes the world just goes ahead and surprises you. We had a lovely weekend. I say this without a hint of sarcasm. My sisters maid of honour had done a fantastic job, my mother behaved, my sister was too busy being the centre of attention to play up, the boys had a whale of a time and didn’t get too drunk, there where glitches, but they didn’t matter. It was good fun.

The Maid of Honour came round at 11 and whisked the girls off to a pottery painting place where we made art deco inspired trinkets for my sister to hide around the house. We then took a walk through Kew Gardens, which I would have happily spend all day in (And you would want to at £10 a head) before going to the MoH’s house (just outside Kew Gardens) for croquet and to be waited upon by maids with lemonade. I do love croquet – it’s like golf for vindictive people. Hurrah! We then had a splendid afternoon tea – cucumber sandwiches, empire biscuits, silver tea pot etc etc. Lots of fun.

We then got changed into our evening clothes with a 1920s twist (gangster hat for me, feather boas and or beads for most, full flapper outfit for the Hen), before rejoining for cocktails and a music quiz (which rapidly descended into a sister vs sister competition). Then a dance instructor came round and taught us the Charleston! 15 girls jumping around in the living room of a 2 bed flat – most amusing.

Then we hit Notting Hill – dinner at Julies which is a wondrous place full of twists, turns and themed rooms. We had a private ‘conservatory’ room which was fabulous. The food was wonderful, the service attentive yet discrete, and the wine plentiful. Over coffee we played Mr & Mrs, the objective of which was to get my sister to drink a bottle of wine in 10 mins, then clubbing.

We made it home only after the place shut, I was staying at my sisters as was her soon to be sister in law (does that make her my sister in law too?) – who was absolutely lovely. Unfortunately we took our eye off the ball for a couple of minutes and unattended my sister (who had barely been able to walk from the taxi to the house) found and opened a bottle of wine. So we sat and had a couple of pleasant glasses and a chat whilst she passed out.

The only real disappointment of the weekend was how well the groom looked the next day when he came home!

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Mar. 23rd, 2007

12:04 am - rock a bye

I have a teeny tiny moment between now and falling asleep and as I don’t expect to get anywhere near a computer for the next four or five days, I thought I’d use it to blog.

So we survived the weekend. There were tears and tantrums and acrimonious silences, but we all still have all our limbs in place, so I’m counting that as a success. Ofcourse this weekend is the hewn night, so it could all go down hill fast….

On the Saturday though we went to a fund raiser. Friends of ours raising money (well it was the weekend for it – did you see Mr Blair? Who is getting ready for retirement eh? Very amusing though not as good as Saint Jamie who caused me to need to go outside for oxygen). Anyway – where was I? Yes, so they got a free function room (lovely view of the city – I would recommend it to anyone looking for a party space in Edinburgh) and putting on a school disco. And it would seem an evening dancing to Wham and drinking too much than is entirely sensible when you have to be up bright and early cooking dinner the next day was exactly what we both needed. Much to H2Bs surprise given dancing, Wham, and even drinking aren’t particularly his thing.

On a skivy course tomorrow, then a plane, then my sisters. Wish me luck…

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Mar. 16th, 2007

05:13 pm - Free

I took a day off today with no proper reason. Very odd to find myself just pottering around – good plan though as the world decided to phone. So whilst I was supposed to be doing a load of housework and sorting of things, I ended up sitting and chatting for most of it. Oh well – given I am going to be extremely busy for the next five weeks embroiled in the preparations for my sisters wedding –perhaps no big thing. At least as long as I can get the house tidy tomorrow so as to receive the whole family for Mothers Day lunch.

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Mar. 7th, 2007

09:32 pm - Nothing going on but the rent..

Nothing exciting happening here. Or at least nothing good. Still, the weather is warming, days are getting longer, and I have two days leave coming up – so not all bad.

H2B brought home furniture yesterday – well it keeps him happy. He had wanted to make a cabinet for the TV since we moved in, and having passed the two year mark has settled on restructuring an existing piece that was outsized and therefore destined for the bin.

So it arrived. And it is huge. And heavy. But it doesn’t look half bad at all. Blue was round last night and was also very impressed – called it bespoke IKEA, which I suppose is exactly what it is. Poor love that he is though hasn’t shown it to anyone whose first words haven’t been “hey – it’s actually quite good” with a greater or lesser degree of surprise & shock.


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Feb. 22nd, 2007

09:35 pm - You live, you learn

We had a meeting on Friday to discuss my objectives for the coming year (‘just set yourself some and let me know how it goes’ Gah! Where are my boundaries?!) and we ended up discussing Myers Briggs which I did years ago and can’t remember for the life of me my ‘type’ - many people I have come across set entirely too much store in these results for my own liking. Often the same people who will vehemently insist that the world cannot be divided in to 12 horoscopes do not see the irony when they ask you which of the 16 Myers Briggs types you are – however they probably do contain a starting point. At the very least they actively advocate different strokes for different folks and we don’t all learn the same way.

I was reminded of this when Rules 3 dropped through my letter box on Saturday morning. This is the long awaited comprehensive new rules set for the role play system I play. They have been out a week or two, but 64 pages are a lot to read on the screen and a little too cheeky to print out at your new work. I curled up with snacks & notebook in an empty, undisturbed house to rediscover the game. Two and a half hours later and only a third of the way through I had to stop before my brain started oozing out of my ears. It was the point at which I had spent five minutes carefully deciphering the call of ‘fatal’ to reach the conclusion it hadn’t changed. The problem is two fold. Firstly, the system has changed, but not drastically, most of the changes to the rules seem to be a translation into the new way of describing things – and of course being so used to the old system I can literally live it – I think this could be harder than if they had changed it dramatically as I keep wanting to translate it back & relate it to what I do know. Secondly, and this is probably far more important – I do not now, nor ever have, learnt a single thing just by reading it. I need to discuss, play around with, try out before a thing sinks home. And I’m far from being the only one. So I think we are in for a very interesting year with some people playing the new system, some the old, and a whole bunch a hybrid between the two.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not for one minute saying this is not a good system, that they haven’t made improvements, and that this isn’t a vastly improved rule book – because I’m sure it is, they have and it most certainly is – it’s just none of that is going to help me understand it.

Talking of learning. Me & H2B continued with the stated plan of stealth exercise by going for a weapons practice Sunday afternoon. Lots of fun as he gets better at controlling the weapons and I get better at defending without use of a shield. We followed this by a stroll about the grounds of Lauriston Castle, which is much underrated and we must do more often. I want to hold a tavern night there, but he reckons it’s unlikely Edinburgh City Council would appreciate LARPers camping on their croquet lawn. What does he know?!

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Feb. 13th, 2007

07:34 pm - Going to the chapel?

Well I’m feeling a little more up to it now.

A brief precise of the wedding plans so far, some cover already here, some not:

We got engaged in June last year and the little fluffy cloud carried us for a few weeks before it occurred to us that that meant we had to organise a wedding. My sister is getting married this April and had already set the date, so we realised we had to leave a reasonable gap and therefore started planning in a reasonably relaxed fashion.

For me this meant months of work trawling the internet, yellow pages, recommendations of friends and family etc in order to secure as many brochures for venues as possible and draw up a list of possible venues. H2B was issued with a list of phone numbers and information was acquired, then armed with more brochures than you can shake a stick at, we went to my parents and drew up a short list.

We then visited the short list. I shall draw a veil over the depressingly samey nature of almost all the venues with their cookie cutter wedding receptions (of course you can have it any way you like – well as long as it’s the same as we always do it. But you can choose between pink and mauve. *shudders*). But there was one place. It was a hall. Just that – an empty shell with heating, lighting and toilets and at last I could see it. A blank canvass meant infinite possibilities, to everyone else it meant an inordinate amount of work – but I was happy to do that. So then I had to convince H2B who finally saw the vision, and though slightly phased by the work, became convinced. Next came the larger hurdle of my mother – but finally we got over that.

Meanwhile I had been scouting churches and drawn up a short list there, then discovered that H2Bs parents were married in a local church, so this escalated it way out in the lead, and luckily it was in the same place as the venue. We were ecstatic! So after six weeks of persuasion and months of investigation, I contacted the venue to book a date. It was at this stage that they suddenly remembered the full refit they were planning that would close them for 3 months, slap bang in the period we wanted to get married in.

To say I was gutted was an understatement. ‘Wedding’ became a dirty word and I withdrew from the whole process. About two months later (men!) it dawned on H2B and a few others that nothing seemed to be happening about the wedding and they realised I had downed tools. So I was coaxed round and agreed to start planning again – only _after_ Christmas.

Well after Christmas became after new year which became after the event. But we started up again. Two weekends ago went to visit a pub that has the size we need, at a price we can manage (I hesitate to say afford!), and they seem to genuinely be up for a debate about how things happen, when, what it looks like etc. And he’s in the right region. And he’s free in the right time. And (And this was the big one with H2B and the parents) someone else sets it up, takes it down and tidies up afterwards. So it looks like we have found us a reception venue. Yay.

So then we go to contact the church – and it turns out their minister has just left –and it takes a rather long time to get a new one. So we went to visit to find out what we should do on Sunday and got a phone number – that turns out to be out of use. So I was beginning to think someone was trying to tell us something. But we found an email address for the friends of the church and they have replied and sent it on to a man they say can help. So we might just be starting to get somewhere. Maybe….

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Feb. 9th, 2007

10:21 pm - Where do you go to?

I’ve been rubbish. *hangs head in shame*

The problem with having so much going on that it consumes your life, is that when it’s over, you’ve got out of all those routines you were in. It wasn’t until I was talking to someone last night about how I miss knowing what was going on in some of your lives (you being the ones I know who read this), that I realised I actually missed the blogging thing. So here I am back again – hopefully to stay.

A brief summary of my life in the mean time:

I got a new job – Yay!
Unfortunately that meant I had to finish up everything I was doing and hand it over to disinterested people that made me feel like I may as well have not bothered doing any of it. People who, though, have subsequently had to have me back in to explain it again and whilst I know they will proceed to pass it all off as their own thoughts and observations – at least they know it’s not, and I know they know.

The new job is finally starting to take shape. It has been a long and protracted start involving police checks, training and bazaar security systems, but I have a desk, a computer, an ID badge and a vague notion of stuff I should be doing, so it’s all looking good.

In the middle of that was Christmas. My first one away from my family ever. But these are things you must do when you are part of a couple (apparently). It was a lovely day – I ended up cooking dinner, which was a bit strange and would have gone slightly differently had I known in advance, but we all ate too much and had enough left overs to feed a legion as is traditional.

Then there was new year, and the right choice was made I feel. We found ourselves a nice pub which has a local vibe although is located fairly centrally and stayed there. It felt like you were drinking with mates in your living room – only without the temptation to just put the TV on and fall asleep.

Then I was involved in running an LARP event. In the end all the players had fun, there were no actual deaths and the caterers & owners of the site would happily have us back. So we are counting it as a win and we are deliberately forgetting everything that may persuade me otherwise.

Now we are in full on wedding preparation mode. I may feel more up to commenting about this after the weekend. I may not.

So that’s me. Hope all is well out there. I’m going to spend the next three hours until h2b insists its too late to be on the computer, reading all of your stuff since November!

09:57 pm - swing low

I got on a bus with Wales today.

OK that might be a small exaggeration, but it was the express shuttle from the airport to Edinburgh city, and Scotland play Wales this weekend at the six nations. This bus is normally commandeered by commuters at that hour of the morning, but in the next 24 hours six million rugby fans will flood in to this city, so it was standing room only from the airport. When I was silly and sixteen, I used to love this time of year. Every weekend that they play at Murrayfeild, the visiting fans overtake the city and overfill the pubs looking for a good time, with the local residents – particularly the silly sixteen year olds – happy to assist. So am I running home to don my glad rags and paint the town a decent shade of crimson? No. I’m having an early night tonight (there may even be cocoa involved). Tomorrow I’m doing housework.

I’m at a different stage of my life now, I know this - I embrace the new challenges. I wouldn’t go back to sixteen if you paid me. But every now and again, I just feel…. old.

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